Being mindful

Thank you Jason Everett Miller for posting my first comment! I am very touched that you took the time to do that. Hugs. I am blessed to be able to read some of your experiences in your book endeavor, as well.

I woke up today in a panic. Tomorrow, I’m required to undergo an invasive abdominal surgery. I’m having a full hysterectomy at the same time the OB/GYN removes a large grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst. Then, I wait for diagnosis whether or not I need to worry about malignancy. The possibility exists for an abrupt jump into menopause if he leaves me no ovary. I’m hoping the other ovary is still healthy and can remain.

Any severe hormonal changes can spell disaster for me and those near me.

I decided:  I could cry all day about tomorrow, or I could slow down and enjoy today, without stitches and pain-free.

So, I walked outside for a few miles. I concentrated on the sun and wind hitting my face.

I played with a house cat and laughed at his kitten like responses.

You know:  being a house pet in a loving home wouldn’t at all be bad. I never saw a cat or dog worry their hair off over what will happen later.

They are IN THE MOMENT, without even trying.

My mindfulness exercise continued as I slowly sipped my green tea. I concentrated on the smell of the steam and the taste each time I tasted it.

I watched The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy re-runs on TBS with my ex-husband and daughter and let myself laugh with them.

I lit a scented candle in my room, just because.

I’m still a mess. However, if I didn’t immerse myself into what I was doing today,  I wouldn’t be able to PUT THE FUTURE INTO THE FUTURE WHERE IT BELONGS.

All in all, it was a nice day.