Living to be remembered by those who matter to me

I tell myself I won’t kill myself with the following mantra:

“I won’t give ‘them’ the satisfaction.”

“Them” may or may not be explained in future articles. I haven’t decided if it is worth the drama or not to stir things up.

People have very certain opinions about other people.

From my experience, the ideas we have about other people are ideas that suit ourselves. Some of us are overly considerate, while others are downright cruel.

Leaving this existence only opens the door for my memory to be whatever it needs to be to accommodate the people I leave behind. How convenient for them. Worse yet, I am completely forgotten.

As a living person, I really don’t care what gossipers say about me.

My actions undo any crappy rumors that are spoken about me, or they wipe out any “atta-boys” I may have earned in the past.

The point is:  as long as I am here, my children have a chance to ask me what is really going on and I am happy to tell them. Sometimes.