Domestic Violence May Be Happening Next Door to You

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October is Domestic Violence month. Look around where you live and start noticing the signs and symptoms of domestic violence. I know it is hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable to the violence happening to others. But, I know because I have done it, you may be the link that allows the violence to stop. I have noticed that if you befriend a victim, it gives him/her a bridge to move away from the abuser. I think for our own self-respect, we have to make the connection so that someone may find a way out of the misery. Have a game plan for helping such as names and numbers of local abuse centers.

1. From Win Over PTSD: “Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence? Here’s Some Life-Saving Information”:

Where can you go for help if you are involved with an abusive partner, if you are a senior citizen…

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